Friday, August 24, 2012

HMPL- Spot the Nightshade

Hey behb; introducing the No 15 Saddle Bag by HMPL.

HMPL No.15 Saddle Bag spot #1 from Matthew on Vimeo.

My friends here in VanCity can make some really rad beach appropriate bags! I mean, we own the lifestyle. Riding to the beach fully prepared sans bag on your back is massively awesome if you have the kind of frame/lifestyle that doesn't support panniers. I'm in their video 'cause they offered to buy me ciders. This spot is also a prime example of the most excellent quality of lifestyle I am leading out here in Vancouver. It's is pretty much a documentary, not an ad.

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Hyedie said...

wow very cool!! thanks for sharing.

Hyedie said...

wow very cool concept! thanks for sharing!