Sunday, August 26, 2012

Nightshade Bike STOLEN- please share.

My worst nightmare happened. Ironically enough, while I was doing some errands before the Premium Rush movie/cat here in Vancouver, my bike Carebear was stolen from a front entrance- I was inside the glass doors 7 feet away to drop off my computer to be fixed. I shouldn't have left here there, I should have taken the minute to lock her up, I was stupid, and in 2 minutes the love of my life was gone...

If you are in the Vancouver area, or Portland or Seattle- PLEASE be on the lookout for her or her parts. 54 purple Mission track frame, pink vVelocity B43s, Sugino Messenger cranks, was outfitted with platforms and pink YNOT razzle straps. Covered in HMPL, Knog, Orontas, COG, Minorty and Dah Shop stickers, and Ironically a "Don't Steal Bikes Bro" Affinity sticker, although they probably stripped it. Please share this photo. Contact me on instagram or twitter @meglikesbikes or my gmail account by the same name. 

2012-07-28204857, Mission Track Bike, Deadly Nightshade
This is Carebear in her natural environment- at the beach with her fellow bike friends.

When you are rushing around thinking about superficial things like parties, the cute man who makes info graphics who is in line with you, and optimized bluetooth technology, you can neglect the most important things that bring the MOST value to your life.  I am taking this a personal life lesson. I am going to slow my life down and always think about the most important things to me and pay attention to that. I was rushing thinking I was getting the things done I thought I was important, I lost the thing that was the most important to me.

I wonder, if everyone was more conscious of this, we'd take much better care of our planet, the children and elders in our society, and talk to our neighbours more. Realizing that computers, things and celebrity gossip is not as important as clean air, nutritious food and community, would probably be a firm foundation for a better planet. I think this is a lesson everyone learns. I think I've had this lesson before, and will probably have again.

I just want my baby back.


Carty said...

I'm so sorry meaghan. i hope you get it back.

((lyledriver)) said...

Sorry to hear this Meg. I'll keep an eye out

Hyedie said...

Any word on your bike? I posted through the Cupcake Ride network (FB & Twitter).