Tuesday, January 6, 2009


There comes a time in every girl's life when she gets inducted into an all girl fashion bike gang... oh wait. Not really- not many people will ever be quite awesome enough to be inducted into the Deadly Nightshades. Stop asking.

Kirsten White, however, meets all Nightshade's standards, being:
  • Rides a rad custom low rider bike
  • Has awesome personality.
  • Is an amazingly caring friend
  • Is a talented photographer
  • Is a fucking BABE
  • Can hold her own in a bar fight
  • Wants to save the world
So how does a Nightshade get inducted? This time it was a SLUMBER PARTY!!! YEAH!!!
We ran out of the vintage shinny fabric, so while we wait for the new hemp/silk to come in, we baked her a cake.
She loved it and said yes!
And then we silk-screened some value village tees!!
Mzungu is a master of silkscreen.
GLORIOUS. Welcome Kirsten. We love you. <3

Then we all put on nighties, had a pillow fight and fed each other cake. I'll post those photos latter.

p.s. Stay tuned for new tattoos and bathing suits.


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ok so it's hot and i am sitting on a rooftop overlooking sydney harbour but aside from being thousands of miles away can I join your crew? You all look like you have an awesome time and are ridiculously talented and your into bikes, seriously just too cool.
I'm guessing that the small matter of distance may well mean you won't let me join but you can always check out my ecofriendly cycle fashion at http://www.rocketfuel.net.au