Wednesday, June 23, 2010

SURPRISE!!! Namtron showed up in New York...


Have you ever been so super-awesomely surprised by something that you almost fell off your chair? Yeah? Well I bet it was not even HALF as awesome as the surprise I got this weekend when Namtron showed up unexpectedly in New York for the Bicycle Film Festival... I was so TOTALLY floored when I realized that the two shiny, seafoam arms hugging me on Friday night were attached to Namtrons head that I screamed as loud as I could for about a full minute. And so there were 6 Nightshades on the loose in NYC this weekend which means that we have about a zillion funny stories involving The Coyote Ugly, Sombreros, All-Night bike rides through Central Park and (see above) pink limosines!

Stay tuned for amazing bike videos, pics and interviews from the NYC BFF - I promise it will make Gossip Girl look as lame as watching the grass grow.

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Anonymous said...

See, THIS is what cars should be about. Everyone should bike until they need to go somewhere in a pink limo. Every other form of motorized transportation is just plain lame in comparison to this.