Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Agents of Change

One of the best thing about DNS are the people we tend to run with. Some are truly amazing, in it's most literal sense. You, our friends, have some of the most caring and well intended hearts, and you work your butts off. This competition is for you guys. The Cente for Social Innovation has a competition for "Agents of Change", where you can win a workspace at their new Annex location. Check it out, I would have entered it and told no one about it if I was still in Toronto. You're lucky I'm in Vancouver, and Momentum has a pretty sweet office already.
The Center for Social Innovation first opened a few years ago at 215 Spadina, about the same time I moved into an apartment across the street. I went through the trials and tribulations of Ryerson, became a Nightshade, then graduated and moved to spread my love of bikes here in Vancouver with Namtron. Meanwhile, CSI was going through the trials and tribulations of a new enterprise, but then took off to incredible heights. I watched them take over the first floor of Spadina, then several floors... now they just bought a new building, and are even spreading their message of shared spaces and social innovation to the world.

I can really recommend downloading their reports on how shared spaces are changing the world. I know that sharing the computer and sewing labs at Ryerson taught me much more than what the profs were lecturing on. Being in the Deadly Nightshades, and sharing resources, knowledge, and simple love and support are probably the best things about this whole gang thing for me. That and the gold chains and shenanigans.

I'm amazed at the rapid progress of CSI, and know it's a sign that the world is going to be okay and that places like Toronto are going to lead the way. I would like to say congratulations to my former Neighbour. I've been watching and cheering from the sidelines. Your presence made a impact on the neighbourhood, and is probably the reason why Dark Horse moved in, so THANK YOU!

It's nice to see the good guys win. :)

Youth: Social innovators aged 19-29
Toronto: People working on innovative solutions to improve our city
Sector Blender: People working on solutions that cross sectors (e.g. education and health)

The winner in each category will receive:

  • A one year Hot Desk-100 workspace package (worth $3000) at our new location in the Annex (CSI Annex). Hot Desks are our flexible workspace packages that give you an allotment of monthly hours towards access to a workspace in the Centre.
  • Free admission to up to 4 workshop/speaker series events on social innovation.
  • 8 hours of meeting room access per month
  • Membership in a kick-ass community of other Agents of Change
  • Amazing networking opportunities, learning and more!
Entry deadline is Oct. 15, 2010.

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