Thursday, November 18, 2010

100+ years of TRYING to get along

Yesterday Big Red, Cannibal Vixen and myself went down to MTV to voice our opinions about cyclist's, motorist's and pedestrians on our Toronto city streets. There were a panel of experts featuring a commuter biker, driver's and our fav female courier Sunny D.

Needless to say the discussion got heated. Can we truly all get along on our busy streets?
Can we all understand that generally that the anger is created by fear and mis education and not a hate between cyclist's and motorist's (except for cab's, you all suck)

I went on a little research mission today and found this awesome video about bicycle culture in Denver in the 1890's.

Funny, the issue's that we cyclist's face today, from the poor city infrastructure to politicians trying to make a buck off us (trying to liscense cycling... WTF!) has all been battled by our community before. We just need to keep educating and accepting people into this awesome community and eventually our voices will be heard.

Anyways check out MTV Sunday November 21st at 8pm to catch all the goods.


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