Monday, September 9, 2013

Accident Lesson #101

Working Title: Help Toronto Cyclist Taylor Smile!

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Accidents happen, especially in a city like Toronto where lack of proper infrastructure generates so many "accidents" they really shouldn't be called that. It undermines the weight and severity of the situation and the cost to civilians. As Aaron Naparstek puts it:
"It’s what we call it when a toddler makes a small mess.
Taylor's "accident" is a bad reminder that despite being a positive, proactive, strong cyclist- road collisions can happen to all of us. Waking up at the hospital is terrifying, and living with scars and missing teeth is the worst, and a constant reminder of the trauma. Let's all pitch in what we can to her GoFundMe campaign and help out this lovely lady smile like this never happened.

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I am sure that the best way to make Taylor smile, is to make sure you stay pro-active yourself by turning your attention to organizations like CycleTo, participating in media like Momentum Magazine and Dandy Horse, and you can participate or volunteer at local DIY centers such as Bike Pirates and Bike Sauce. Evergreen BrickWorks even has a safety and basics road skills course you can take to brush up or recruit a new Toronto cyclist with.

Love, Love, Love,


Hyedie said...

Going through the insurance claims process myself right now, I know how tedious and hard it can be.

To read that the insurance companies won't cover everything? That pisses me off so much!!!!

Thanks for sharing this Meg!

MegO said...

Hyedie! That is terrible about your claim. I had no idea! I'm so sorry.

Insurance companies are the worst. They don't make money off of paying people.

Thanks for commenting! Spread the word, let's get Taylor a new smile.

hamish said...

Insurance companies aren't in the biz to pay out money.
And the City needs to be sued waaay more often than it is. Mea culpa; I wasn't really injured badly.
And I believe that the vehicle came into the bike lane; what else are they for?