Tuesday, May 27, 2014

There IS an app for everything!

Want to help increase funding to Cycling infrastructure in Toronto? There's an app for that now!

Download the Toronto Cycling App for Android or iPhone

Basically- city infrastructure budgets are usually allocated with hard facts. If we get more facts about who cycles and where in Toronto, we can get more money spent on it! Tracking your daily bike trips can help provide the City with the hard data it needs to allocate bigger budgets!  You choose when you want to track what rides, which is great for privacy and battery saving.

The city even built-in surveys to this app to get all kinds of feedback on cycling preferences. Right now Toronto is going through a very painful growth-spurt, this is the time to speak up if you want your say on how Toronto will operate as we move forward into a Ford-Free city!

If you know roadies or trail riders who zip along the water trail or hammer in the Don Valley, send it to them too. Then data will be collected, and that info could go to improving trail systems and increasing the importance of providing cycling routes for fitness in Toronto. Also, wouldn't it be nice to not have to share the route with roadies when you're taking a stroll or running errands, and vice-versa when you want to get your sweat on while you stretch your bike legs?

Hmmmm... maybe we can even do something like a massive bike ride up and down Jarvis Street with everyone tracking their data? Wouldn't it be fun if so much info was collected on that street they HAD to put back in the bike lanes on Jarvis, forever? I miss those bike lanes when I go to my Dad's place, they were useful for following the Deadly Nightshade's #1 rule: DON'T DIE.  

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