Monday, December 15, 2008

Market Crash Bash Photos

Sorry... these were long time coming!

Fierce Bambi had an awesome clothing swap at Vintage 69's by the Pound at 1234 Bloor Street West. I had lots of fun, and got to try out my new camera. Watch out John Lee!

I got some sweet gear. For FREE! Why wern't you there? Join the Facebook group to get updates.

Caption: "Meaghan, just remember I have a truck-load of photos of you that you don't want posted!!!!" The fabulous Nadja Sayej.

I took a photo of photographer Alejandro Collados-Nuez. Ha! Zee hunter becomes zee hunted!
Lookie all these people!

Ain't Fierce Bambi a beauty?


Anonymous said...

damn. wish i was there.

Anonymous said...

I thought we'd talked about this, Meg darling...