Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Music

I miss Brooklyn sometimes.

My last day in NYC was amazing. The highlight was Cranksgiving. It was a beautiful, sunny, fluffy cloud, perfect temperature day. Big Red was sick, so I showed up to do the ride anticipating I'd see people I knew to partner up with, as riding your bike is always the funnest in groups. Most of the NYC polo peeps that I know were in Richmond and I knew about no one, so I grabbed my package (rider #123, pretty sweet, eh?) and prepared to go solo.

My first checkpoint/grocery store I was adopted by these rad guys:

The New York bike scene is populated by some pretty neato people, Cranksgiving brought out the best of them. Riding all over Manhattan on that beautiful day with these guys, then the Chrome after-party, then the Red Lantern after-after party, then the Wreck Room after-after-after party was the best last day in NYC I could have asked for. Thank you to all who made it special.

So, Andy Chrsitopher is on my right, and Kevin LaVerdiere is after that. Andy runs Fake Money out of BK, and they just put out some Christmas Music. It's amazing, but a sense of humour and parental advisory are strongly advised.

And to go along with our McKenzie brother Chrome contest win, it's Bob and Doug's 12 days of Christmas.

Happy Holidays Errrybody!!!!

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