Friday, December 16, 2011

So, like, we're the winners, eh?

And I kind of can't believe it! Although we did pull together an awesome last minute photoshoot last week. In about 24hrs we somehow managed to find lights, cameras, 5 (almost 6!) nightshades, and an assortment of plaid shirts, fur hats, axes, wrenches and a sixer of labatts 50. Why?

Chrome, a San Fran based cycling gear company was holding a competition for the best hoser photo. And you know who rocks hoser gear harder than anyone I know? We do. Last winter I had a bad habit of wearing 3 different plaids at the same time. The prize was the Chrome Niko bag, and a Nikon D3000.

So we entered the "I'm a McKenzie you're a McKenzie" competition last week, and within 2 hours we had nearly caught up to the winning photo! We're over the moon excited to be able to shoot more footage on a professional quality camera and can't wait to show you the results. Thank you Chrome and Nikon!!!