Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Did you see the Bookman X DNS Lights?

 photo 8_pulledback_wm_zps2fd759c9.jpg

If you haven't seen it on the internets, we'd like to introduce you to our first official collaboration with Sweedish bike light company Bookman lights! You can get them in our official gang colour Seafoam, or our other favourite colours Spoked Salmon, and Velo Yellow!

 photo wheel_zpsb44d63c1.jpg

We were so excited about the colours we obviously had to make matching neon spandex outfits at the Make Den the night before the shoot. Nothing is better then staying up late with your besties creating and catching up over tall cans, except maybe spending the next weekend afternoon at the beach in bikinis making accessories from the left over spandex.

 photo Sharpenedcloseup_wm_zpsf367cef7.jpg

Big congratulations to Bookman for recently taking some steps to make their production more eco-friendly! Now they have USB rechargable lights, a recycled-plastic bike light in black, and do carbon neutral shipping! Rad. Good job guys.

Thanks to the Bookman team for such a fun projects. (Johan and Mattis- you Sweedish men are awesome!) More pictures from behind the scenes of our Photo Shoot to come soon! 


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